During the period 2000-2006, Spain saw the creation of a real estate bubble which led to the average house price equating to 13 times an average year's salary after tax. In 2007, the financial crisis put the whole financial system under huge pressure, especially the Spanish sector. All of  a sudden, houses were not selling any more and real estate prices started to fall.

With the help of a financial expert, find out what is going on in the Spanish real estate sector, how house prices have so far fallen over 30% since the price peak in mid-2006, rental prices have dropped over 35% and why these prices will keep on falling over the years to come.

You will understand why we reach the conclusion that hundreds of thousands of houses in Spain should be demolished.

Get an understanding of what is happening in the Spanish banking system and its consequences on the housing market and why many financial institutions are bankrupt. Think just as bankers, building firms’ developers and politicians do, what they will never tell you and the methods they use in order to mislead you, so you take decisions which will have a very negative impact on your life.

You will learn some techniques which are extremely effective when negotiating house prices.


Borja studied both Law and Business Administration at the Jesuit-run university of Deusto in Bilbao (Spain) as well as at the University of Vienna. Furthermore, he is an appointed official translator and interpreter for German and Spanish before the courts of the Kingdom of Spain and the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg,

For 4 years, Borja worked in Germany for one of the country's most relevant banks. This institution is one of the world's leading banks in the wholesales sector. There, he was there in charge of granting loans to Spanish financial institutions. After that experience, he set up the retail sales platform at one of the leading European investment banks for all their structured products in both Germany and Austria.

Borja has been awarded the Distinction of Honour by the Republic of Austria


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